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Living Without Goodies

Posted by Dawn Bissonette on January 28, 2011 at 1:49 AM

Living without all the edible goodies in this world is sad.

When you have health issues like me it is better to do all that you can to make it easier for the body to do it's job and therefore when Drs., nurses and dieticians tell you not to eat all the things they tell you not to eat, you don't eat all those things.

At LEAST you try not to eat them on a regular basis!

But, I cannot give up everything for always.

That would make life unbearable.

Even tho sometimes eating what I LOVE can be hurtful and I can pay for a whole DAY afterwards, to me it is worth it.

A life without some of the pleasures you need, whether guilty ones or not, is NO life at all.

SO...instead of being excessive I try for the most part to be GOOD and then occasionally treat myself to something I want or enjoy!

THAT IS a compromise that I CAN live with!

So...since I cannot enjoy these things OFTEN I have decided to share them so other people may find some joy from them! lol

In that way I haven't just given things up but passed them on for others to use.

So it doesn't feel a waste but just a letting go of, a passing it on kind of thing.  

I'm ok with that.

I have a lot of good recipes to share!

You can also find recipes in two of my other blogs as well and I'm sure sometimes they will overlap but, there is a method to my madness!!

Crunchings and Munchings is the blog where I keep meal plans and ideas for my restricted diet.  It is meant to HELP me keep on track!

Burgers, Boys & BEER is the blog where I post about family & friend get togethers and all the party food we share when we do get together! (Sometimes healthy snacks, and sometimes NOT so healthy...BUT always good!!)

AND FatCatMomma's Fave Fare is HERE where I'll post anything and everything I have enjoyed eating throughout the years and some things I haven't tried yet but would like to.  Hopefully from one of these blogs you'll find something *NEW* to try at least once! AND enjoy! :)

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