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Just random things I've found on the web that amuse me.  


FatCatMomma's Bucket List

Uhhhhhh...it's a BUCKET LIST! Hello!

Check it out...maybe you wanna do some of the same things as me!


Burgers, BOYS & BEER 

Blogging about parties with my boys and the yummy food we eat! 


 Girls SHOULD...

Blogging about all the things girls should and can do if they want to!


Kimber Ley

All the blogs I write about writing listed on this site as well as

other writing sites that I am part of where I have portfolios of my writing work.





Blogs Listed in Links Section: 



Couch Potato Paradise

Blogging about movies, tv shows, actors, actresses, fave movie quotes,

snack ideas, and other tidbits of entertainment information.


Crunchings and Munchings

Blogging about all the fun I'm having following a restricted diet for

type 2 diabetes, polycystic kidney disease and gout.




How I got my name:

I gave it to myself! lol

I had fat cats so I'm a fat cat's momma.

But ALSO....

Master of Disguise movie quote: "Fat cat momma with a red dress on."-made me giggle for days after...I loved it so much I made it my nickname...lol